Should I race in a one-piece trisuit or in a two-piece outfit?

The one-piece trisuit is often favored by advanced triathletes based on aerodynamics. It also has advantages in a pool-based swim where you don’t wear a wet suit. Novice triathletes often opt for a two-piece suit because it can make pre-race nerves (often resulting in a nervous stomach!) so much easier to deal with. You also get a lot more use out of a two-piece as you will wear it more often in your training sessions. Should you decide on a two-piece outfit, remember that a tank top will give you more sun protection than a crop top.

What trisuit size should I buy?

When buying a one-piece trisuit, you need to consider your normal dress size and your height. Tri-Eva suits size small fit a US size 2-4, medium is a 6-8, large is a 10-12, and XL is a 14-16. However, if you are taller than average, you may need to buy a slightly larger size. If you are below average in height, a smaller size will fit you best. A trisuit must always fit snugly, without creases or excess material. So, if you find yourself between sizes, we recommend that you try the smaller size first. Of course, when buying online from us, you can always exchange your suit if it doesn’t fit correctly. Please see our “Will-It-Fit” page for more details.

Why do I need triathlon specific clothing?

The main reason for buying a triathlon specific outfit for your race is that normal sports clothing such as running tops or gym shorts are made from heavier, slow-drying materials. They retain water and won’t dry as quickly as a tri-specific outfit, meaning that you run the risk of getting cold and uncomfortable on the bike. This may affect your performance or, in the worst case, result in you getting sick. In addition, triathlon suits have lots of technical features that will make your race a much more enjoyable experience. The chamois pad in the bottoms, for example, will protect your rear on the bike, while the leg gripper elastics will ensure your shorts don’t ride up when you pull your wetsuit over them.

I have a large bust, do I need to wear a sports bra?

Women with smaller cup sizes race without separate bras because a bra does not dry quickly and makes you feel uncomfortable. Almost all our Tri-Eva trisuit and tri-tops have an integrated support bra which will enable women with A cup, B cup and even C cup sizes to race without an additional bra. We recommend women with larger than C cup size to consider wearing a sports bra under their suit for more comfort during the run.

Do I wear underwear under my tri suit?

The answer is no. You should not wear underwear (except a sports bra if needed) under your trisuit in a race. Your underwear would retain water and would counteract the quick drying properties of your suit, plus the extra layer just isn’t comfy!


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