Tri-Eva Gets Rave Reviews!

When Tri-Eva wrote an article about Jenny Hinshaw for our Inspiring Women page, we thought that she’d be a great customer as well. We were more than thrilled to discover how much she- an amazing triathlete as well as a clothing industry professional- loved Tri-Eva’s product as is evidenced here in her glowing review.

Glad to hear that one of our inspiring women will also be sporting our brand!

Tri-EVA Product Review
by Jenny Hinshaw, NYC endurance marathoner, Triathlete

As an avid endurance athlete, I am in constant search of really amazing product/gear. I just finished training 18 weeks for a marathon and am beginning to concentrate on biking and swimming for a late summer race. Therefore, I am looking for gear that can work for all three – one at a time or all three at the same time.

Endurance athletes know the benefits of gear/product that “does its job” – dry wick, no chaffing, comfortable, durable and also attractive.

I have become a fan of Tri-Eva, a brand of women’s specific triathlon clothing that is one of the best I have found and I have tried many, many brands since along with training long hours – most of us love new gear! You will NOT be DISAPPOINTED!

The Endurance Tri Tank Top

The fabric is extraordinary. It is made in Italy with the highest attention to detail, fit, function and attractiveness. It is lightweight with just enough stretch to hug the body without fitting too tightly. Nothing is worse than squeezing into a tri-outfit 🙁

What you have on should not be on your mind while you are training/racing, therefore, finding tri tanks that fit perfectly allows all the time on the road or in the water to be about form, nutrition and fun and not thoughts about fit.

BIKING – great top with 2 back pockets. There is just enough room for my nutrition, phone, keys etc. A slightly overlapping pocket covers your “goodies” and keeps them from falling out. The length of tank when biking is really key so the lower back isn’t exposed to sun etc. This tank is the perfect length for biking yet not too long for running or swimming. The way it fits and the fabric keeps the tank from creeping up while biking – especially while in aero. The ventilation seems to be in the perfect spots for function while the vertical black lines are slimming. Good for Tri-Eva for designing garments with reflective characteristics that don’t look functional 🙂

RUNNING – I ran with this top with running shorts. It was 90+ degrees and I wanted to test the breathability of the fabric and the comfort during a 20+ mile run….it passed the test with flying colors. I wore it with the coordinating bra (sold together in either an A-B or C-D option) and loved it- even though it can be worn with another bra. The coordinating bra has nice support (I have the A-B)and is mostly mesh so dries quickly and works nicely under the endurance tank. The elastic around the bottom of the bra didn’t chaff and was actually comfortable during my entire run without riding up or needing to be fussed with. I also loved how the arm holes of the endurance tank were slightly cut in which seemed to alleviate any chance of chaffing under the arm and during the arm swing. The front zipper also allowed for me to unzip for a little more ventilation or zipped up for more support. Another key point – the inside stitching is almost as if it is seamless- no rough edges and only a tag for care which is made of cloth/fabric and not plastic – no other tags! Overall – great function and great appearance. A+

SWIMMING – As a college swimmer, I have high expectations for fit and performance. Even though no athlete wants a tri top too tight – it must be snug not to produce drag and no triathlete needs drag when racing. I, again, wore the endurance tri top and the bra swimming. I wanted to see if the bottom rode up with each arm stroke and if I felt the urge to constantly pull down the top….I was pleasantly surprised to find that the top stayed put – over the top of my tri shorts and even with fast and slow arm strokes – remained in place. I really, really am in love with this fabric!

Champion Tri Short

I used these shorts for biking, running and swimming and found the benefits equally beneficial and comfortable for all 3! In addition to the endurance tank – I loved the fabric of the shorts. They were very form fitting without being too tight with just enough mesh on the side for ventilation. It didn’t take long for the shorts to dry after my swim or for the wicking properties to react when biking and running. These shorts have roughly a 6” inseam which is a great length for me. I am 5”4 ½ inches tall so mid quad is a comfortable length. I also found the gripper around the bottom of the legs kept the short in place without causing irritation to the leg when muscles are fatigued and skin gets sticky and hot from hours of sun exposure.

The zippered back pocket is perfect for your nutrition – especially during the swim. One less thing you have to think about in transition – just add before the swim and zip! Also large enough for money, keys or phone. There is also a hidden inside pocket for easy accessibility.

As with the endurance tank – the stitching feels seamless – it is smooth and comfortable. Again, a bonus to train and race with no chaffing! The back of the short seems a little higher for a little more coverage when biking – nice 🙂

The last two benefits with the champion short are the chamois and the elastic, drawstring waist. The chamois is thin, lightweight and comfortable. So often when biking, the right and left side of the chamois can chaff the leg creases – not with this short. Definitely a bonus!

The waistband can also become uncomfortable during training or a race. Too tight, digging into the skin? Not this short. The 1 inch elastic waist is soft and not rigid. It has a drawstring – less important for running or biking but very important for swimming. It has a continuous drawstring so there is no chance of losing one end or the other.

I have become a huge fan of Tri–Eva and wanted to share my findings with everyone. I am a gear fanatic and love to buy gear. I am occasionally disappointed when performance of the fabric, fit or function doesn’t live up to my expectation but even more of a bonus when it does. Thanks Tri-EVA for creating tri clothes specifically for women that looks great, feels great and performs at the top of its class!! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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