Exciting News – Tri-Eva to Launch in March!

We are excited to announce the launch of Tri-Eva women’s specific triathlon clothing in March!

Tri-Eva is the brand-new sister of Trigirl, a London-based company that offers the best triathlon gear for women across Europe. Soon our friends in the US will be able to enjoy training and racing in the top-quality, figure-flattering triathlon clothing that Trigirl is known for.

Our goal is to create a triathlon kit specifically for you: the fabulous female triathlete. Whether it’s your first tri or you’re going for a long-distance podium finish, we think you’ll find that Tri-Eva will fit, flatter, and perform – giving you the comfort and confidence to complete your best triathlon!

While you wait, why not check out our website for training tips, advice on what to wear while racing and training, and even ideas on how to train for your very first race? At Tri-Eva, we love triathlon and we want to help you cross that finish line… in style!

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