You Are an Athlete in Training

Triathlon Training Tips for Women

I remember reading once that the only difference between a jogger and a runner is an entry form. When I signed up for my first 5K, I didn’t run at all. Spending the money on that registration and having a deadline is what drove me off the couch and propelled me into the crisp autumn air. But it’s easy to lose sight of what we’re chasing day after day with so much on our plates at work, home and school. I recently had a revelation that’s changed the way I view myself and the time … Continue reading

New Tri-Eva Triathlon Clothing Styles and Colors!

best tri clothing for women

This just in! Tri-Eva has new styles and colors to get your race season started stronger (and more stylish!) than ever. Here’s what to look for: Pace Triathlon Capri– all of the performance details you’d expect, including high-performance fabrics and our exclusive women’s specific triathlon elastic-interface chamois, in a versatile and flattering new length. The Olympus Long Trisuit– our best-selling longer-leg trisuit, now available without a crop top for maximum versatility, allowing you to wear your favorite sports bra underneath! Speed Long Leg Tri Short– we are now offering our best-selling Speed Long Leg Tri Short … Continue reading

Triathlon Training Plan Tips

Triathlon Training Plan Tips

Triathlon training can be overwhelming: ‘You mean I have to train for three different sports, one of which requires being submersed in water… and I don’t get to stop in between?’ How many times do you have to train a week? Can you train with a job, or a family, or a life (or with all of the above)? The answer is yes, with a little help from Tri-Eva. Read our article here.

Triathlon – A Real Weight Loss Miracle?

Tri-Eva Trisuit

It’s that time of year when we’re being bombarded by ads for fad diets, specials at the gym, the latest boot camp workouts and guaranteed weight loss pills. In our hearts, we all know there is no quick fix, but maybe triathlon is truly a weight loss miracle. Read our latest article here to find out!

Tri-Eva at St. Anthony’s Triathlon Expo!

Tri-Eva is very excited to announce that we will host a booth at the St. Anthony’s Triathlon Sports and Fitness Expo! As the first major race on the U.S. calendar, St. Anthony’s Triathlon has kicked off the triathlon season in North America for the past 29 years… Tri-Eva can’t wait to be there for their 30th Anniversary! Come by and check out Tri-Eva triathlon clothing, meet our founder, ask any “what to wear” questions you might have or just say hi. We look forward to meeting you in sunny Florida!

Following the Ironman Dream with Kelly Janowski

Kelly Janowski is Chicagoland foodie blogger turned amateur endurance athlete. She started dabbling in running two years ago before she became inspired to complete an Ironman. With a marathon and sprint triathlon behind her, this summer will hold her first 70.3 half Ironman triathlon…  When I started running, it felt like punishment. I decided I needed to get fit and lose weight. Signing up for a 5K without any running experience seemed like it would motivate me to work out with a purpose. And it did… eventually. The first time I ran was five weeks before … Continue reading

Tri-Eva Welcomes New Florida Ambassador Triathlete Helena Redshaw

Last year, Tri-Eva was inspired by new triathlete, Helena Redshaw, who kindly shared her first race experience for our Motivation page. We’re very excited to announce that Helena is back as both a Florida representative for Tri-Eva and a regular blogger on our site! Helena learned to swim last year to complete her first sprint distance triathlon and was hooked. Along the way, she even earned the nickname Running Mermaid. Her “why not?” attitude has led her to an even more ambitious goal this year, Ironman New Orleans 70.3. Having already finished her first race … Continue reading

2013 Tri-Eva Triathlon Training Log

What is the best way to achieve a goal? The first step is to write it down. Tri-Eva’s free 2013 training log is now available to help you reach all of your triathlon objectives! With spaces to log your seasonal goals, monthly goals and daily workout tracking, you’ll remember what you’re striving toward and what steps you’re taking to get there. Take the first step to this year’s success here.

Gals for Cal Raises over $70,000 to Fight DMD!

Back in July, we told you about inspiring tri team, Gals for Cal, a group of determined women who started participating in triathlon to raise money to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. More inspiring news: this year, the Gals were able to raise over $70,000 towards their cause!! “This year we added the NYC Olympic team (benefiting Parent Project MD) to our annual participation in the Danskin Sprint triathlon (benefiting Jett Foundation).The Gals are proud to be able to partner with two Duchenne organizations this year, extending our visibility while also supporting the newly formed Duchenne Alliance.” … Continue reading

Inspirational Triathlon Video – You Can Do It!

“I can’t do a triathlon, I’m too… old? overweight? non-athletic?” Whatever your excuse, we think that you CAN do a triathlon! Don’t believe us? Tri-Eva’s inspirational video, featuring Irongranny triathlete Eddie Brocklesby, will change your mind. Eddie not only took up sport at the ripe young age of 53, she has since run marathons, done triathlon at highly competitive levels and ridden her bicycle more miles than some of us drive in our cars. Watch Trigirl’s video and hear about Eddie’s accomplishments from the woman herself- we think you’ll be motivated to get out there … Continue reading