Tri-Eva trisuits fit, flatter and perform - giving you the comfort and confidence to complete and compete at your best. Cross that finish line in style!

Tri-Eva Tech

We are women. We are athletes. And we are demanding.

You shouldn’t have to settle for ‘downsized’ men’s gear in dull and boring colors or wear an ill designed tri-suit that doesn’t even provide bra support. We’re not prepared to settle for less and we don’t think you should either.

Tri-Eva triathlon clothing really is designed just for women and is packed with innovative features that only a female designer would consider.

Our collections all come in the most flattering stream-lined styles combined with beautiful, vibrant colours, yet we’re not prepared to compromise on performance and comfort either.

Our ‘Revolutional’ fabric made in Italy is ultra-lightweight, chlorine resistant and quick drying. Also recognised as the ‘next-generation’ fabric, ‘Revolutional’ glides effortless through the water, providing maximum muscle compression exactly where you need it and allowing optimal fluidity of movement.

Technical features include:

  • Comfortable silicon grippers on leg hems to prevent annoying ‘ride up’
  • Thoughtfully placed mesh ventilation panels to keep you cool
  • Non-bounce, auto-lock zip pulls
  • Protective plackets to keep zippers in place
  • Female specific chamois for discreet comfort in the saddle
  • Cleverly placed and designed pockets for gels, keys and odds and ends

Here at Tri-Eva we train and race in our kit because we know it’s the best.

Do you need a better endorsement?

Tri-Eva has chosen Revolutional® fabrics for its performance Triathlon collection.

This new and highly innovative technical fabric comes in a range of superb qualities.

These include the compression version Revolutional Energy® which offers exceptional muscle support and the super smooth version Revolutional Gloss® which through its unbeatable low water resistant finish gives you faster swim times.

Revolutional® is a true next generation fabric that has all the fundamental characteristics to satisfy the demands of both the performer and the enthusiast

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