Tri-Eva trisuits fit, flatter and perform - giving you the comfort and confidence to complete and compete at your best. Cross that finish line in style!

About Us

Tri-Eva is the fabulous little sister of London’s women-specific triathlon clothing brand, Trigirl. European made and UK designed, Tri-Eva offers you a trisuit that is a cut above other brands. The best performance fabric, the most figure-flattering styles, in a range of beautiful colors… that’s Tri-Eva.

We know that as a female triathlete, your trisuit can’t just be a pink version of a guy’s suit. It needs to work with your curves, support you in the right places, look good and perform even better.

And though we obsess about making our triathlon clothing absolutely perfect, we’re about more than just the gear. Tri-Eva makes it our mission to support you as a triathlete. Whether your goal is completing your first triathlon or achieving your next personal best, we’d like to help you on your journey. Check out our articles on training, racing, motivation… and of course, we’d love it if you’d take a look at our shop while you’re here.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you love Tri-Eva as much as we do!

Our History

Trigirl was initially born out of a frustration to find stylish and flattering triathlon kit that performed at the highest level. Patrizia Victor, the brains behind Trigirl, was inspired while racing in the London triathlon in 2005. Wearing an inadequate, ill-fitting trisuit, Patrizia knew that she- and other tri girls like her- deserved better… better fabric, better fit, better support, better colors! With her background in fashion and sports clothing design, Patrizia knew that she was just the woman for the job. So back in 2006, Trigirl was launched and we’ve never looked back.
In 2012 we took the next step, launching Tri-Eva in the US.

Combining the world’s most innovative and cutting-edge fabrics and design, Tri-Eva is an exclusive brand specifically for women by women. We believe only a woman can really understand the need for bra support, multiple cup sizes, a leg gripper which doesn’t dig in, a suit in just the ‘right’ color- or the confidence a flattering fit inspires.

Our collections are designed specifically with women in mind and have input from female triathletes, runners, designers and testers all the way through the process. Trigirl will make you feel like a million bucks- whether you’re doing your first triathlon or competing at the highest level.

We know what we want in our triathlon and running clothing and we know you demand the same. We’re not prepared to settle for ill-designed gear in dull colors and we don’t think you should either. And thankfully, you don’t have to… because you can wear Tri-Eva!

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