Tri-Eva trisuits fit, flatter and perform - giving you the comfort and confidence to complete and compete at your best. Cross that finish line in style!

Tri-Eva-Online-StoreTri-Eva triathlon clothing is packed with innovative features that only a female designer and triathlete would consider. Flattering styles combined with vibrant colors, confidence-inspiring fit and comfort.

Tri-Eva-Beginner-AdviceYou’re considering a triathlon. Can you do it?
Yes you can!
Where to begin?
How to train?

Read our triathlon tips for beginners…

Tri-Eva-Motivation-AdviceMotivation comes in many forms. Especially inspiring are everyday women, competing in triathlon despite (or because of!) all sorts of challenges.
Read about women that will inspire you…

Tri-Eva triathlon clothing is perfect for female triathletes because at Tri-Eva, we are female triathletes. We know that great fit is confidence-inspiring and will help you to perform at your best- and that you want to look great, too.

Triathlon-Gear-AdviceWondering what to wear to train and race? You need triathlon gear advice!
Worried about buying your tri clothing online?
Don’t be!
Click here for our size guide.

Tri-Eva-Training-AdviceReady to train but not sure where to start?
Tri-Eva brings you training tips and advice to help you ‘live the challenge’!
Training questions?

Email us for answers!

About-Tri-Eva-Triathlon-ClothingTri-Eva is the brand-new sister of London’s women-specific triathlon clothing brand, Trigirl. Using state of the art fabric and design, Tri-Eva is made for you: the fabulous female triathlete.

Our triathlon clothing designs are ultra-flattering with every detail thought through; the tops and shorts don’t ride up, the bras offer support, the fabrics are quick-drying, the cycling pad is female-specific. Tri-Eva triathlon clothing is made just for you, the fabulous female triathlete!!

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